A (fairly) relaxed week!

Having sold 4 ponies I decided to enjoy the peace and quiet on the yard for a week. Next week I have a new sales livery arriving and new clients coming to view the yard.

I still have 5 horses on the yard one of them being “Oreo” who is my first homebred. He has come in to be backed and have some light work, he will then be turned back out until next year. So far he is progressing really well and enjoying the new routine. He took to having tack on really well and is so relaxed about things which is making him very easy to work with. He is long reining nicely and we have done some mounting block practice to really cement that he should stand still for riders to get on and off.

Snoozy my 4yo mare is going from strength to strength and I feel like we are making big steps in her education. I’m going to find a small show to take her to for a wonder around and we are heading to our first clinic in July with Melanie Beckman who teaches us. So far I’ve found it really rewarding and education having a new type of “quirky” horse and she seems to be enjoying this new way of training her. 

Maisie has been ticking along really nicely and is feeling better than ever for her next BE90 at Chepstow in a week. 

“Chaseford Caramac” or Colin as he’s known as come in to be broken from his breeder. He’s a beautiful little gelding who will be a lovely dressage pony. So far he’s lunging and long reining really nicely so it won’t be long until he is ready for a ride.


I spent Friday and Saturday at Bicton watching Outlaw which was so lovely, he jumped a super round in the 1.10m on the Friday and just an unlucky fault in the newcomers second round. Really pleased for him and Caddy.

My youngsters and young liveries moved to a new field, thrilled to see them looking well and enjoying being babies. Now we just need some more sun and it’ll be perfect.