Better late than never

Sorry, I’m late with this blog its just been so busy I’ve not really sat down and sorted it out. in fact, I can’t even remember half of what happened last week it was so busy!

Monday saw the arrival of the beautiful Ziggy who I have absolutely fallen in love with, he is a 6-year-old gelding who has come for some competition and life experience for a month or so. So far he has had his first trip to Leyland XC course and a dressage competition at Ponderosa. He took it all extremely well and showed he has a super temperament to go with his fantastic scope and paces! Also, did I mention he is palomino?! he is the Channing Tatum of horses I am besotted.

Snoozy, my now nearly perfect 4yo had a quiet week due to a little lump that appeared on her leg but thankfully after a check-up from Kate @ Cotts Equine Vets she was given the all-clear and we returned to work. Saturday I took her on her first outing to Moores Farm in Gloucester for a day clinic with Melanie Beckman and Stef Eardley. it was a great day and Snoozy behaved perfectly and took it all in her stride, her first experience of an indoor school and she pretty good with only one minor spook at the gallery but she did get over it quickly and completed the exercises for that lesson. I learnt a lot and found the day really informative, interesting to see horses at different stages of their career and how their conformation dictates the way they perform. I will definitely be taking a lot from the day and using it in my day to day work.

Back at the yard, Colin is coming along nicely, he is getting used to ridden life and is now hacking alone sweetly. He has taken a little longer than expected but like many things, there is no set time frame for breaking in horses and ponies they all take it at their own speed and sometimes the best thing you can do is just take the time to allow them to adjust, so I will continue having a play and getting him settled under saddle.

Monday also saw George arrive, who has come for a couple of weeks of schooling work to gauge what he has done and the experience he has. He has proven to be a nice pony and is ticking along and gaining in confidence.