Breakers and BE

Well where to start, Monday seems like a lifetime ago!

Colin and Oreo are one step closer to their ridden careers, both are now happy being sat on and moving around with me on them. Oreo was easier to convince about the whole situation whereas Colin assured me he quite enjoyed the in hand job 🤣he thankfully came around quite quickly and realised it was more enjoyable than he initially thought. 

Monday also saw new sales livery Dusty arrived who’s proving to be a superstar and will be an enjoyable pony for someone. She’s done a mixture of schooling and hacking this week.


Snoozy has done lots of hacking and is really enjoying herself which is lovely. 

The weather has been a little strange this week which has made preparation difficult because as much as I don’t want to ride in the boiling heat the horses have to become used to training in it to prepare for competitions. Which was fortunate as the day before the event was a stifling 22 degrees and Maisie was worked at midday so it was great preparation! 

Onto Sunday morning and the 5:45am alarm clock went off and there it was the flattest tyre I have ever seen on my trailer!😂thankfully there is another trailer on the yard so I quickly re-hitched up and off we went. 

Maisie did a superb dressage and was harshly marked 34, having watched my test I still think it was very unfairly marked. I got a 5 for her stepping back in the halt, she actually moved her hind leg so she stood square.


That aside she jumped beautifully to have a double clear inside the time and place 9th in her section. 

What made the day for me wasn’t the numbers though it was the fact that when the ability to see a stride left my mind, body and soul Maisie didn’t care at all and carried me around the second half of the SJ course 🤣having produced her since she was a green 4yo I feel like I have really accomplished something now as she can think for herself when needed and doesn’t need to be constantly carried by her rider, she felt like a schoolmaster and made my life easy. The step to 100 all of a sudden seems very easy!