Where it all started…
I was a typical horse mad little girl but with none of my close family being “horsey” I didn’t get a pony until I was 16! I used to go up to my mums aunties farm for weekends, summers and any spare time from school I had.

When I finally was allowed to get my own horse I looked at quite a few but settled on the skinniest, biggest thoroughbred I could find! So meet Jack who started it all, he needed a lot of tlc and retraining but we managed it and he proved to be a saint. I had a go at a bit of everything on him and even managed to jump up to foxhunter (1.20 BS) with him.

About 2/3 years after having Jack, I saw this photo on a friends Facebook of “Dolebolion Outlaw” and fell in love. So I bombarded my poor gran and finally she gave in so mum and I were off to pick him up! Little did we know what a superstar he would turn out to be. Fast forward 7 years and Outlaw is quite the legend. I sold him which I regretted massively and when the opportunity arose 2 years later I bought him back as he wasn’t doing well at all and had been labelled as being very naughty, oh Outlaw! He’s now absolutely flying around with Catherine Bird who has leased him from me for her last year jumping pony BS. 

Third to come along was Corrib who was gifted to me by Bryn Pallin. I met Bryn when I moved to his yard for livery and he became a dear friend, he adored Corrib who was his wife’s horse that they’d bought as a yearling. She was a super racehorse for Bryn and I did ask for her a few times as I thought she was gorgeous when I saw her in the field. Anyway after a few months there Bryn called me into the kitchen and said I could have her as he liked the way I looked after my horses! I was thrilled, she’s given me 2 gorgeous foals, hours of fun riding and has now retired to breed so I expect there will be more gorgeous foals over the years. 

As I had my first foal I decided to make a prefix so any I breed will have it as part of their name. So Brynseren was invented and Brynseren The Highwayman was the first to be registered in 2016. He is the last son of Outlaw before I castrated him and Corribs first foal. He was graded as a foal and received a gold premium award which is the best you can get! So I was thrilled and very excited for his future. 
Second was Brynseren Liberation River in 2018 who is out of Corrib and sired by Liberace. I couldn’t get her graded as I missed the BEF one but I decided to take Corrib and have her graded with SHGB where she was put into the main stud book much to my delight.